Outreach Programmes

"The small minority of pupils who are educated at home by school staff make similar progress to other older pupils. The arrangements for monitoring their progress, attendance and behaviour are very effective."

Ofsted Report, March 2018

"I’m always so grateful for everyone's work at Cressey, supporting (my son), but even more so in lockdown when you also had your own families to focus on ... it's made a huge difference  to his (and my!) wellbeing."

Parent, March 2020

Outreach Programmes

Our Outreach programmes are specifically designed for students who are waiting for a full-time place, either at Cressey or elsewhere. These part-time programmes can be tailored to meet individual students' needs, but in outline our normal Outreach programme arrangements are as follows.

  • Academic Subjects. Cressey would provide a fully differentiated part-time programme. The academic subjects offered are Maths, English, ICT and PSHE. All lessons would be at whatever pace and level is right for the student. 
  • Location. This would be delivered at the student's home if this is practical and appropriate, or at a suitable nearby alternate location (eg a library); but not at Cressey College.
  • Sport and Educational visits. We would also offer educational visits, and sporting activities. Subject to practicality, a very wide range of activities is potentially available.
  • Balance of academic and practical activities. The balance of academic and practical activities in each student's programme will be decided according to whatever is needed to achieve the short-term aims. If it is necessary to focus initially on practical activities, to build trusted staff relationships to enable subsequent academic engagement, then this can be done.  
  • Sessions per Week. Subject to advice from the parent / carer, we normally start with a maximum of three sessions per week, each of two hours; with a view to increasing towards five per week when the student can manage it. Each session would comprise of 2-3 lessons, depending on the pupil’s engagement and endurance.
  • Detailed Timings. We would deliver only one session per day, either in the morning or afternoon. The detailed timings would be agreed with the Parent / Carer.
  • Staff Team and Oversight. We would normally provide 1:1 staffing; but if required then we can provide 2:1 staffing, if safeguarding considerations require it. The programme is normally delivered by a small team of 3-4 teachers and TAs, one (or two) of whom would work with the student each day. All programmes are supported and overseen by an experienced senior teacher.
  • Annual Reviews and multi-agency interventions. Outreach students are on Cressey’s Roll, and we would organise Annual Reviews in the same way as for any other student at Cressey College. We would also support access to multi-agency interventions, if this were to be appropriate. 

"(She) would not have become the young strong lady she is today without Cressey's help and support. Your staff helped me to save my daughter. I will be eternally grateful.

Parent, July 2020

"The staff team has been incredible ... supporting (my daughter) through some tragic times. They always listen, and give time and space for her to talk ... guiding her onto the right path and being her emotional rock. I cannot thank you enough." 

Parent, July 2020


"He loves it at Cressey. He'll be so bored in the holidays! He's already looking forward to next term, and this one hasn't even ended!"

Parent, July 2018