Staff Training & Development

"He is so now much happier at School - and as a result he is so much happier at home. He even socialises now!"

Parent, 2018

"It feels like you understand my daughter's needs. She likes you (the staff) very much. She is very happy at Cressey. She wants to come to school every day."

Parent, Oct 2018

Staff Training and Development

Cressey has a comprehensive training and development regime. In summary, this includes the following elements. 

Induction Training

All staff, irrespective of whether they are employees, agency staff or contractors, are required to complete a set programme of Induction briefings and training when they first start at Cressey. This programme includes all training that is necessary prior to new staff starting work, including an Introduction to Teaching & Learning.

Continuation Training

All staff are required to attend ongoing training on a continual basis. This is not only to comply with safeguarding and other requirements, but also to develop their skills, knowledge and effectiveness. This is done during regular sessions that are conducted during most weeks after the school day has finished, during Inset Days, and at other times as required. 

Additional Training for Selected Individuals

There is also a wide range of training that is available (and required) for selected volunteers who undertake additional duties. Examples include 1st Aid, Fire Warden, H&S, SIMs, SALT, OT, IT, Food Hygiene, Office 365 and other courses. Staff teams will also attend whatever bespoke training that may be required to enable them to meet the needs of their particular students.

Teaching Qualifications for TAs

We run regular Level 3 Award in Education & Training courses (formally PTTLS) for Teaching Assistants who have no prior Teaching Qualification. Enrolment on the Level 3 Award or an equivalent TA Qualification is encouraged by the end of each TA's first Term of employment (after completion of probation) and is encouraged by the end of the first year. Cressey will fund 100% of the cost, and there is a one year return of service after completion.

For staff who already have the Level 3 qualification, we also give time off to selected volunteers to attend a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (formally DTTLS).

Classroom Leader Development Programme

Many of our staff are very talented, and a growing number of our more experienced Teaching Assistants are offered the chance to become Classroom Leaders, and to lead a small team of TAs. Our new Class Leader's programme is not a teaching qualification, but is designed to accelerate the development of knowledge and skills, for both current and potential Class Leaders. The programme will give them the practical skills and knowledge to make the best use of their team of TAs, and of interactive resources; thus improving their classroom leadership and the quality of teaching. 

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Training Programme

Cressey already has an extremely strong ratio of a qualified teacher to every 7 students. However we want to do the very best we can for our students, so we plan to improve this ratio even further. To do this and to enhance Staff’s career prospects, Cressey offers staff the opportunity to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through our on-the-job training programme, which we deliver in partnership with a highly respected local maintained school. This potentially offers great prospects for those involved, and further strengthens our mutually beneficial partnership with other schools. For more details, click here.

Management Development Training

For ambitious staff who seek greater responsibility we run a Management Development Programme. This is to develop staff's management skills; and in the process to improve their chances of selection to join Cressey's Leadership Team. We want to encourage staff to apply for this, and ensure that the Leadership Team gets stronger and stronger every year. This will help us to deliver the School Development Plan, and sustain Outstanding standards. For staff who are ambitious to learn and to develop their skills, and to improve their prospects, this programme offers great opportunity. For more details, click here.

Training for the Senior Leadership Team

There is also a continual training and development programme for the Senior Leadership Team. This covers a very wide range of topics such as advanced safeguarding, incident management, report writing, staff management, staff supervision and appraisals, staff code of conduct, administrative reports and procedures, IT management and budget management, to name but a few.




"The (Management Development) Programme has really boosted my understanding of what Senior Teachers need to do, and how to do it. I really appreciate how Cressey has invested in me, it's given me real confidence, and set me up for a really good career, with better promotion prospects than I ever imagined."

Member of Cressey's Senior Leadership Team, Sep 2018

"The Management development programme has really opened my eyes. I never realised so much organisation has to be done behind the scenes. It's really inspired me to learn, and its giving me confidence that I can succeed at a higher level." 

Teaching Assistant, July 2016.

"I like Cressey and think it's a fun school. I have done better here than I did at any other school. I would like to achieve my GCSEs …. and go to College after Cressey."

Student, Aug 2015