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Denmark Hall (Yrs 3 - 14)

Coombe Cliff (Yrs 1 - 7)

Birdhurst (Yrs 7 - 10)

Adeline (Girls, Yrs 7-14)

Moorings (Yrs 10 - 14)

Chappells (Yrs 7 - 12)

Sanderstead (Yrs 2-11)

We have six sites in the Croydon area, and one in South Wimbledon. Details of each is shown below.

Coombe Cliff site and School Office

Coombe Cliff is our largest site, where our Primary school and the School Office are located. The address is Coombe Cliff, Coombe Rd, Croydon CR0 5SP. The contact number for Coombe Cliff is 0208 686 5840.  

The Head of the Primary Department is Sidone Bryan, and the Senior Teachers at Coombe Cliff are Hope Walters and Kim Mapp-Nwosu, and the Assistant Seniors are Daren McCoy, Caroline Fuller, Cassie Carthy and Kelly Smith.  Nearest mainline station: East Croydon.  Nearest tram stop: East Croydon.

To drive to Coombe Cliff turn off Coombe Rd between Water Tower Hill and the bridge over the E Croydon - S Croydon railway line, through the green gates and up the narrow driveway. The lane bends left as you go up the hill, and Coombe Cliff is the big house with a small car park in front; but please note that this is often full. (Alternatively, meter parking is normally available in the side streets off Coombe Rd - but note it may take 10 mins to walk to Coombe Cliff.) 

On the map to the right its where the "Coombe Cliff Cets Centre" is  marked (apologies for the map showing the wrong name!)

Birdhurst site 

Our Birdhurst site is at 106-108 Park Lane, Croydon, CR0 1JB. Tel: 0208 686 5840

Senior Teacher: Craig Reed; and the Assistant Senior is Gail Carey. 

Nearest mainline station: East Croydon
Nearest tram stop: Lloyd Park or East Croydon

There is limited off street parking but there are often (meter) spaces available on nearby Eden Rd and Mulgrave Rd.

Denmark Hall site

Our Denmark Hall site is at Denmark Rd, South Norwood, SE25 5RE. Tel: 0208 686 5840.

The Senior Teacher is Principe Short and the Assistant Senior is Laura Spencer.

Nearest mainline station: Norwood Junction.
Nearest tram stop: Arena or Woodside.

There is free on-street parking in Denmark Rd.

Adeline site

Our Adeline site is located in South Croydon, at 162 Selsdon Rd, South Croydon CR2 6PJ.

Tel/Fax: 0208 680 0818

The Senior Teacher is Chelsea Barber, and the Assistant Senior is Joel Morris.

Nearest mainline station: South Croydon.

There is free on-street parking.

Moorings site 

Our Moorings site is at 92 Park Lane, Croydon, CR0 1JF.  Tel 0208 686 5840. 

The Senior Teacher is Anthony Burnham-Marshalleck. The Assistant Senior is Morgan Ofori. 

Nearest mainline station: East Croydon.
Nearest tram stop: East Croydon.

There is meter parking in Eden road and Mulgrave Rd and other nearby sideroads, and it is normally easy to find a space. 

Chappells Site

Our Chappells site is at the John Innes Centre, 61 Kingston Rd, South Wimbledon SW19 1JN. Tel 020 8542 6208

The Senior Teacher is Jamell Patten, and the Assistant Senior is Justine Parsons. 

The nearest mainline station is Wimbledon. The nearest underground station is South Wimbledon.

Sanderstead Site

Our Sanderstead site is at 112 Orchard Rd, Sanderstead, Croydon, CR2 9LQ. On the map to the right, the Sanderstead site is where "Kingsdown School" is wrongly still marked.

There are two student groups at Sanderstead, Wellhurst and Harling. For Wellhurst the Senior Teacher is Simone Harrison Rix, and the Assistant Senior is Faith Williams. For the Harling group the Senior Teacher is Kemi Olusesi. Nearest mainline station: Sanderstead.