Placement Availability

"Cressey has achieved great results with our students, far better than other similar schools. If my own child needed this sort of school, I'd want it to be Cressey."

Head of SEN, nearby Local Authority, Feb 2017

"I've been to hell and back with my daughter, and I'm one of the strongest critics, having worked in teaching for many years. So my expectations are extremely high. But you all surpass them all, your staff team are all amazing. Credit where credit's due!"

Parent, July 2020

Placement availability now (as at June 2021)

We have only a few places available, but consultations and applications are welcome, as always.

Years 1-6 at Coombe Cliff Primary School. We have 2 places available in Years 4 / 5. Class size 3-5 students. We can also offer interim placements (up to 4 hrs / day) for primary children in Years 2-4 who are waiting for a place in Sep 2021. We have places in Years 2-6, for Sep 2021. 

Years 7-14 at Adeline (girls only). This site is full; but a few places will be available in Sep, for students then in Year 7. Class size 2-4 students.

Years 7-9 at Birdhurst. This site is full; but one place may be available in Sep, for students then in Year 7. Class size 4-5 students.

Years 7-11 at Sanderstead. This site is full now, and for Sep 2021. Class size 4-5 students.

Years 7-14 at Chappells (Wimbledon) site. This site is full now, but there will be a few places available in Year 7, in Sep 21. Class size 3-4 students.

Years 3-14 at Denmark Hall. This site is full. Here each student has their own dedicated personal classroom. There will be 1-2 places available in Sep 21. 

Years 9 -14 at Moorings. This site is full. Class size 5 students. 2-3 places available for Sep 21. 

Pathways to Employment Placement, Years 10-14. We have no places available, either now or for Sep 21. These are full-time programmes, delivered off-site for students who will benefit from a bespoke individual programme, out in the community. For more details click here.

Placement availability in Sep 2021

As stated above we will have places available in Sep 2021 for primary students (Years 1-6), and for secondary students in Year 7 and Year 10.  

Student Admissions enquiries

For our Admissions criteria click here. For more details on place availability, please call Catherine Price on 07918 870 350.


"(Cressey) transforms pupils’ education and ultimately their life chances.  .... (Students) make huge strides in their social and emotional development.  

Ofsted Report, March 2018