Vision & Approach

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils trust and respect adults who work with them ... and usually settle quickly to their work. This demonstrates a seismic leap forward in pupils’ attitudes to learning.”

Ofsted, March 2018

"(My Son) had so much trouble at his last school, and he was so unhappy. But since he has been with you he has felt happy and content and safe, and he's loved being at school."

Parent, August 2018

Our Vision

Cressey College will continue to succeed with students where other schools have been unable to; and will succeed in the long term, not just briefly. We will provide a stimulating, exciting and fun curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the learner, to help each student to reach their emotional, social and academic potential.

We will nurture and support each learner to develop as individuals in their own unique way, and encourage a desire for further education, employment and lifelong learning. 

By providing consistent education and support we will offer the stability needed to gain emotional balance, and enable our learners to develop their self esteem and a positive self image, in a safe and nurturing environment.

In this way we will achieve positive outcomes that other establishments have been unable to achieve with these same students.

Philosophy and Ethos

Cressey College is nurture-based, and outcomes driven. We believe all students should learn within a caring, supporting, safe and enabling environment.

We create this so they can have fun, and develop in confidence and happiness. At the same time we also provide tough love and clear boundaries, to guide behaviour.

In addition:

  • The school respects the rights of young people as individuals. We value them all, and ensure that they are cared for and treated with respect and dignity.
  • We help students to catch up, by providing intensive 1:1 and small group teaching. When students arrive with us there’s typically a big gap between their attainment levels and age-related expectations; but over time at Cressey it is reduced. Our high staff-student ratio enables this.
  • We prioritise progress, and the achievement of positive outcomes, to maximise the long-term benefits to both the individual and to the community.
  • We see the students as part of the wider community, to which they should contribute and from which they can learn.
  • We place students into whichever of our six sites (and two off-site programmes) offers the best environment for their individual needs.  

"Thank you for being so creative and solution focussed. If anyone can succeed with this very vulnerable boy, it will be Cressey.”

Head of SEN in a S London LA, Aug 2017