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"You guys have done SO much for (her). Cressey's amazing. You nurture them, give them life skills. And you don't fail the children, you fight and fight to help them."

Parent, Nov 2017


"(Cressey) transforms pupils’ education and ultimately their life chances.  .... (Students) make huge strides in their social and emotional development.”  

Ofsted Report, March 2018

Ofsted Inspection Report, March 2018

Cressey College was last inspected by Ofsted on 27 Feb – 07 Mar 2018. To access the full report, please use the link at the foot of this page. The Report’s Grades are shown below, with illustrative quotes taken from the report.

Effectiveness of leadership and management – OUTSTANDING

  • “The impact of leaders’ work transforms pupils’ education and ultimately their life chances.  .... (Students) make huge strides in their social and emotional development.”
  • "(Cressey) delivers a wide range of professional development and training ... for aspiring leaders. As a result, highly qualified new leaders have been appointed ... (and the) capacity to secure further improvements is exceptionally strong.“
  • “The Steering Group has … significant and relevant expertise in education, accounting and psychology. ... Together with Senior Leaders they make sure that the School continues to grow and flourish successfully.”
  • “The Leadership and Management of the School is Outstanding”

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – GOOD

  • “The curriculum is planned well to meet the needs, interests and attitudes of pupils and older students. There are a host of visits and visitors to bring learning to life.”
  • “Pupils have access to a wide range of therapies, art, music and sporting activities. This promotes pupils’ academic development, as well as their life skills, immensely.”
  • "The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils trust and respect adults who work with them ... and usually settle quickly to their work. This demonstrates a seismic leap forward in pupils’ attitudes to learning.”

Personal development, behaviour and welfare – OUTSTANDING

  • “All pupils have experienced significant trauma and negative educational experiences prior to starting this school. The high adult-to-pupil ratio enables staff to provide intensive support for pupils, while simultaneously building a strong and trusting relationships.”
  • “Pupils who are emotionally fragile begin to develop a sense of self-worth and positive self-esteem. This enables them to interact appropriately with other pupils and adults.”
  • "The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding.”

Outcomes for pupils - GOOD

  • “Leaders’ high ambitions for pupils are shared by all. Everyone continually strives for even better outcomes for pupils.”
  • "The majority of pupils attend school regularly. … This is a major breakthrough, given that many pupils were either non-attenders or had low attendance rates previously.” “A phenomenal achievement.”

Sixth form provision - GOOD

  • "Students are very well prepared for life after school. In 2017, almost all students went on successfully to further education, either to mainstream or specialist colleges, or employment.”

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Message to Parents & Carers

I know that most of you will already be aware that Cressey was inspected by Ofsted in early March; and we have just received the final report. Ofsted are due to publish this online by 23 April 2018. In the meantime we have sent the report to all Parents and Carers, so you can see it without delay; and the gradings we received are shown in the main section of this  page.

We're really pleased with this official recognition of the great progress our wonderful  students make, and of the huge efforts of our excellent staff. As always, our aim is to continue to provide excellent education for all our students! 

I would be happy to talk if you would like to discuss any aspect of the report.

Yours sincerely,

Adrienne Cherrywood



Click here for the Ofsted Report of March 2018